Thoughts On Deciding Upon Critical Details For Uranian

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An Overview Of Choosing Criteria For Uranian

Understanding "Hindu Astrology" (Vedic Astrology)

In the first episode of 2, James Brahma, Author of 6 medic Astrology books, goes into detail of the different occurrences within the stars, as seen on one's Hindu chart, and how learning Hindu Astrology has benefited his life. *Purchase the Program Here: http://wow.payload.Dom/go/sip? Id=317... * * PLEASE LIKE-SUBSCRIBE-COMMENT* Renowned medic Astrologer James Brahma jamesbraha@gmail.Dom wow.jamesbraha.Dom (941)387-9101 Interviewed by: Noted Astrologer and Internationally known Psychic Intuitive Cathy H. Burroughs Cathyb108@aol.Dom